Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lets #SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker!

Where are my Warby Parker lovers?? Raise your hand and lets make #SeeSummerBetter together, preferably in an awesome pair of trendy clear glasses!  

New summer collection from Warby Parker, summer is here! 

When the seasons change, so do my glasses, at least I hope! For all my four-eye, glasses wearing friends out there, we can at least have fun! Right?! I mean, if we have to wear glasses we might as well like them, have fun, and change them up. I cannot wear contacts, I have to wear prism lenses. When I was told I needed glasses in high school I was determined to find "fun" glasses. I remember my very first pair were black, Gucci, round chunky glasses; I loved them. Sadly, online shopping did not exist then and I was stuck to what my local eye doctors office carried. 

Flash forward to the age of online shopping, hailing a taxi through your phone, and snap chatting every minute detail of you life...

Enter the time of Warby Parker!! My glasses (and sunglasses) game has been changed forever. I first discovered Warby Parker from a friend on Facebook. She insisted I go to the website and check it out. Holy fun, Batman! 

If you have not been to the website yet, go now, seriously, click here!! Or you could be old school and Warby Parker visit a store, ha!

I am really loving the latest summer collection. I am OBSESSED with clear/crystal or semi-tinted glasses trend right now. WP has a ton to choose from, I can't decide, help me! And the crystal look is perfect for summer. I am SO ready to ditch my dark, tortoise glasses, and trade them in for a light, refreshing pair. Who says geek can't be chic? Vintage glam will always be in style, I am glad WP brought back that old-school glam this summer with glasses AND sunglasses. 

I am loving the tropical floral trend right now as well, I have seen some great florals from Zara and J.Crew. I can't wait to pair tropical prints with a pair of crystal glasses!

I love the Ratti print from J.Crew. This off the shoulder dress would look perfect with some Warby Parker frames!

J.Crew Ratti Dress

My favorite Warby Parker styles right now are:

Anders (Crystal),Topper (River Stone Blue Fade):

 Chelsea (Grapefruit Soda), how awesome is this color?:

Collis (Lavender Crystal, THE best, SO on trend!):

Chamberlain (Crystal):

 Percel (Crystal, possibly the most perfect):

and Preston because I have always wanted red glasses! (Maraschino, yes please):

FYI Warby Parker also has an awesome Home Try-On program. You can also use the hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn on Instagram or Twitter, and their team can easily find your photos and comment on the styles they think suit you the best! Pretty darn cool!

And I can't forget about the sunglasses. I will take one of each, thank you very much! I am LOVING the retro, old-school glamour sunglasses. Help me pick which one! 

Hello my ladies,



Tilley (another Grapefruit Soda one! LOVE):

Hammond (another sure fresh color for summer!):

Dorothy, so classically chic!: 

So, help me pick!!! Which ones do you like the best?