Sunday, May 4, 2014

Yoga Week 3 and 4: The Crow and Forearm Stand!

Week 3
This week I felt really motivated! After attending actual yoga class, and not just winging it from instagram follow me here :) and youtube, I feel great improvement! This week I was able to master crow! I only held crow for a few seconds, but it felt wonderful to hold a pose I thought was impossible. All of the poses I see that involve balancing on hands, one way or another, always seemed impossible! Now I find myself practicing crow every day because I am so excited I can actually hold it! 

Week 4
This week I went to my best class yet. Only myself and one other lady showed up. The teacher said we were more advanced than some of the others so he was going to push us, oh boy! I should add a little back story here: I was a cheerleader, dancer, and figure skater growing up so I have no fear of going upside down. I have been doing handstands (not being able to hold them for more than a few seconds) for years. Handstands are not something I fear. However, the forearm stand, that is another story!

Our teacher had us go up against the wall, a few inches away, and had us get our arms and legs lined up. Then he had us kick up. I was a little nervous at first and did not get my legs up, I thought there was no way I could do this. My teacher thought I was ready for it, so he must believe in me?

Ok, here goes nothing! I tried again, kicked harder, and got my legs up! I was in a forearm stand assisted by the wall! WOOHOO! Wow, what a break-through for me mentally and what a workout. My shoulders and arms were shaking. He gave us homework, he asked us to work on these at home. I have only tried them twice at home so far... I need to work on them more.

In May, which will be starting my second month, I will be doing another yoga instagram challenge called #mayibeginyoga My goals for may will be to work on form, strength, and flexibility. In particular, my back flexibility and splits.


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