Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why You Should Use Bloglovin' to Promote Your Blog

If you have not already heard about bloglovin or seen the "Follow me on bloglovin'" button on various blogs there is a pretty high chance you will be hearing about it soon!

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Bloglovin' is the newest social media platform geared towards bloggers. It is like the pinterest for blogs. I have only been a bloglovin' member for a short time but it has impressed me enough to make an entire post about the benefits I have already received. In this post I will tell you reason and tips on why you should use bloglovin' for your blog!

Here are the top 10 reasons you should use Bloglovin:

  1. Link your blog to bloglovin' and your followers will easily see your new post on their feed
  2. Attractive "follow this blog on bloglovin'" buttons to place on your blog or anywhere
  3. Follow blogs of similar content to yours and leave helpful, meaningful feedback- this can lead to more followers and traffic
  4. Build friends in the blog world. Why should you have friends in the blog world? Blog friends can help you via electronic "word of mouth" and guest blogging to drive traffic to your blog.
  5. Easy, clean, and simple to use free app; get it here
  6. bloglovin' is compatible and easy to use with blogger, simply "claim" your blog
  7. When you claim your blog, you are now opening up your blog to the thousands of bloglovin' users who potentially could see your blog on their news feed!
  8. Link your bloglovin' to your other social media accounts for more traffic and hits!
  9. Simple and user friendly. I was hesitant at first to sign up for "yet another" social media site. But really, bloglovin' takes little effort to figure out and the potential traffic it can bring your blog is worth it!
  10. And finally, it is free :) Nothing like free advertisement right?

SO go out there, make a bloglovin' account. I think you will instantly see the benefits! I hope this was helpful for some people to understand what bloglovin' is and the benefits it can bring to your blog.

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  1. thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, bloglovin' couldn't find my blog. I guess there is an issue with my RSS feed.

    1. I had trouble at first! The next day my blogged popped up, maybe try again? Sorry to hear that it can't find your blog :(

  2. Hello <3
    I had trouble linking them as well. I came to your blog looking for answers. After enjoying your blog and piecing some missing puzzles, I decided to click on the help link in Bloglovin. I brought me through a maze of touble-shooting, but I think it is solved. Once I found the blog, I clicked 'follow.'
    Strangely, now I am linked. :)
    I am happily following your blog now.
    Stop by my new beginnings and tell me what you think: goddessreflections.com


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