Sunday, July 1, 2012



Bonjour world! Welcome to my blog. I started this blog so my family and friends can keep up with my adventures and read about our family Europe Trip we took last summer (May-June 2012). Eventually I will post stories from my travels and travel dreams, cooking adventures as I teach myself how to cook via Pinterest, vent about being a grad student, wedding plan, and whatever else enters my mind. I have an obsession with moving to Europe and almost everything I do in life has the purpose of bringing me one step closer to that dream! One can dream right? Other things you might want to know about me besides my Europe obsession: I have a cat-dog that I treat like a child, her name is Lucy; I am engaged to my high school sweetheart; I miss my family everyday; lifelong learner and teacher; and I like cheesy quotes such as "sharing is caring" and "live to give." So come along!


Ciao Ciao,


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